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The school year has begun across the state and that means high school sports are back in full swing. is prepping for all the action and here are some of the latest updates and what to check out.
You can now follow the team by viewing the live feed from our home page. Be sure to follow each of us @ArizonaVarsity @dutchperryman @KevinPSteweart @GreggRosenberg1 @TheDoubleD @ColemanSWS
Countdown to Kickoff
Our homepage is now displaying the countdown to kickoff. Next week Brophy College Prepatory And Mountain Pointe will be traveling to Las Vegas to play Nevada schools for the annual Sollenberger Classic, while many other high schools also kickoff their season here locally. All other teams will be underway the following week.
All Arizona Basketball Combine - Sept. 20-21
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Our combines are unique to Arizona. Show off your talent, skills and athletic ability in front of the our analyst team. Each participant will have their picture, name and school displayed on This event will be the most covered exposure event of the year. Get more info and sign up by clicking the image above.
What to check out in the Gridiron Locker Room Forums
Stay up to date with player recruitment by visiting the 2015 Recruiting Superboard. There you can find the list of reported offers and committed players of 2015.
Recent Poll: Visit the Poll in the Gridiron Locker Room to vote on which 2013 State Champion is most likely to win a repeat title. You can also comment on who you think might move in to take away the trophy.
Season Coverage Schedule: Our weekly list of covered games will soon be posted to the Gridiron Locker Room. Multiple games each week will be viewed by analysts and featured on the home page. Also look for analysis of player performances from the games.
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Raise School Spirit and Fundraise for Your Programs
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Have Big Heads made and delivered that can be sold to raise money for your school and sports programs. They offer other fundraising opportunities as well. Click on the image above to visit their website. You can also find their ads at the top of our message boards.
What to check out in the Hardwood Locker Room Forum
Arizona is approaching 50 high school coaching changes prior to the upcoming basketball season. Visit the 2014 Coaching Changes - Extensive List thread to learn what jobs have opened and what jobs have been filled. Leave comments about the changes and be sure to share any new information that you might have. Also see the Coaching Centrifuge thread for more comments.
Recent Poll: Like in the football forum, vote in this Poll which championship team from last season has the best chance of repeating. Corona del Sol will have a change for a…wait for it… Four-Peat! Some schools have had drastic changes made to their rosters, which will certainly make this season fun to watch and follow.
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Prospect Rankings
The team views countless events and games every year to compile the most comprehensive rankings in the state. We receive tons of feedback in order to put other deserving players on our radar. View and comment on our rankings by visiting the following links:
- 2015 Preseason Top-25
- Basketball Prospect Rankings for classes 2015-2018
- 2015 Baseball Top 100
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