ArizonaVarsity - Just Chilly's OT7 Day 3 Recap
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Just Chilly's OT7 Day 3 Recap

From L to R: Jakobi Lane (Tucson Turf) and Brandon Inniss (SFE)
From L to R: Jakobi Lane (Tucson Turf) and Brandon Inniss (SFE) (@_kvisuals_)

Pool play is finally over, and Tucson Turf has taken their first loss. At 5-1 they will be the 3 seed in bracket play. OT7 has been as amazing a sevens event as I've seen. I have been able to watch 14 of the 18 teams. C1N, Carolina Stars, 24K, and Premium are the only teams I missed. I only got to take in a few games on Saturday since I lost my phone. The tournament was loaded with great talent all across, but two things I want to get out of the way Ja'kobi Lane has been the most consistent receiver, producing in every single game for a team that went 5-1 there for at least in the 3 days of pool play he is the best receiver. Now that that has been said Devon Dampier HAS to be pool play MVP. For the 3 days of the tournament he led his team to a 4-0 record, and only missed day 3 cause he was helping his high school team win a different 7s tournament. Ok now let's take a look at who stood out to me.

Johntay Cook WR Trillion Boys - His burst off the line with the short, and intermediate routes really gets DBs on their heels quick, and he's especially dangerous on the comebacks that he can turn back up with the space he's created.

Ja'kobi Lane WR Tucson Turf - Has scored 6 TDs in 5 out of 6 games. Deserves consideration for MVP he was about 3 yards short of a GW TD vs Toa that would have given Turf the win.

Collin Hurst QB SFE - QB 2 on one of the most explosive teams and he takes advantage of the talent around him every time he's out there. Very cerebral, and really good ball placement.

Brandon Inniss WR SFE - Plays with so much positive energy he is so fun to watch, and is a big play threat every time he lines up. If you throw it in his zip code he's making the play!

Jaden Rashada QB Miami Immortals - One of the biggest names in the tournament and a precision passer that gives Immortals a shot to make a bracket play run.