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Just Chilly's OT7 Day 2 Recap

Tucson Turf Elite (L to R) Brandon Causey, Tre Spivey, Devon Dampier, Sam Brown, & Jakobi Lane.
Tucson Turf Elite (L to R) Brandon Causey, Tre Spivey, Devon Dampier, Sam Brown, & Jakobi Lane. (TW/ @_kvisuals_)

There's only one undefeated team left at the end of day two. 4-0 Tucson Turf! While there were a few tough blow outs, defense was the name of the game on day 2. A lot of offenses really bullied defenses on day one, and absolutely made Hollywood productions. Defenses had enough and got right for day 2. A lot of DB's really stood their ground and showed out vs wide receivers. Some QB's had solid days like Malachi Nelson from SFE, Tucson Turf's Devon Dampier, and Team TOA's Nico Iamaleava. Ja'kobi Lane was the most consistent receiver and has been OT7's best receiver over 2 days, and Brandon Inniss showed out again on day 2 when he plays big he's really that guy! Lets take a look at some of the guys that stood out on day 2. Full highlights are on my TikTok @JustChillyTV.

Nick Marsh WR Level 82 - Does a nice job of gettin down the field, and tracking down the ball in the air.

Jackson Sigler QB Level 82 - Once he settled he was very sharp. Sees downfield well, and gives his guys a chance to make the play.

Jakoby Banks RB Fast Houston - He put the fast in Fast Houston. The Houston commit runs like a raptor is chasing him. Give him an inch and he's uncatchable.

Ethan O'Connor WR Team TOA - Really nice route runner, and does a fantastic job slipping past the secondary.

Malik Dixon DB Team TOA - Runs the route with the receiver, and challenges every pass. Really stepped up when going against the top receivers.

Braylon Burnside WR Devoted Dreamers - Got some good long speed, and gets separation. Natural hands catcher.

Richard Washington RB Lo Pro - Bringing HBacks back. good hands and does well running short and intermediate routes.

Tre Spivey WR Tucson Turf - The second day in a row and Spivey gets a game winning pass break up! He seems to always want it more than the person lined up across from him.

Bernard Causey DB Tucson Turf - Has really good feet, excels in man coverage, and has good ball skills. Was straps all day on day 2